Cleveland County Democratic Party
Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Phillips, Judith
Pierce, Madison
Rand, Kathy
Savage, Adrian
Scott, Alexandra
Steveson, Debra
Switch, Lisa
Thomas, Amber
Whitaker, Julianne
Woodson, Darcie

Calhoun, Judy
Desai, Priya
Detwiler, Aliah
Failing, Allison
Fenwick, Shaista
Giustozzi, Emilie
Harris, Betty
Hurst, Courtney
McDowell, Suzette
Owen, Christina

Thank You, Cleveland County Democrats
for an outstanding and productive convention

The following women and men were elected to serve as your delegates to the District and State Conventions.

County Officers
Mayfield, Michael

Golding-Ross, Krystal

Rothfusz, Kathy

The edits to the Resolutions are being made and will be posted here and forwarded to the District as soon as they are approved.

2017 Resolutions Committee
Eric H. Hermansen, Chair
Suzette McDowell, Vice-Chair
Brian Crain
Diane Hardersen
Elaine Hobson
Valere Hull
Amber Hurst
Michael Krauss
Ted Metscher

Alpers, Ben
Ansari, Alex
Braddy, Sean
Branstetter, Matt
Caban, Matt
Craig, Christopher
Darling, Travis
Dower, Bill
Failing, Matt
Farris, Caleb

Green, Troy
Hermansen, Eric
Hughes, Jeff
Hurst, David
Jones, William
Long, Curtis
Mauldin, Tim
Osborne, Deon
Peaden, Charles
Wilson, Rob

2017 Rules Committee

Tim Mauldin, Chair
Georjana Mauldin, Vice Chair
Betty Harris
Ed Sankowski

2017 Credentials Committee

Barbara Schindler, Chair
Lois Hilbert, Vice Chair
Nancy Bartlng

Joyce Collard
Sam Graefe

Jeff Hughes

Mike Welch