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Elected Representatives

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Representative Claudia Griffith (D) House District #45
Representative Griffith was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2014.  Rep. Griffith's district encompasses northeast Norman as well as a large portion of East Norman out to Lake Thunderbird.  View her district map here.

Rep. Griffith's career as a nurse has been valuable as she serves on the following committees:  Alcohol, Tobacco & Controlled Substances; Appropriations & Budget - Health, and Public Health.

Likewise, Rep. Griffith's government page provides information on the measures she has authored in 2015 and 2016 as well as her contact information.

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Representative Emily Virgin (D) House District 44

Representative Virgin was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2011.  Her district covers much of central Norman, including the campus area.  Click Here to view a map of House District 44.

Rep. Virgin has been an outstanding voice for Oklahoma Democrats.  She currently serves on the Appropriations & Budget Education, Higher Education and Career Tech, and Judiciary and Civil Procedure committees.

Her official government page includes links to measures she has authored during her tenure, as well as other details of her district.

Representative Jacob Rosecrants (D) House District #46

Representative Rosecrants is a freshman member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives having been elected in a special election in 2017. Rep. Rosecrants' district wraps around central Norman encompassing Northwest, West, Southern Norman and Noble. The entire map can be found here.

Rep. Rosecrants is a former school teacher who is passionate about education and passionate for fighting for his constituents on all matters affecting them. “Oklahomans are showing up to elect representatives who want to fight for them at the Capitol,” said Rosecrants, D-Norman. “Representing thousands of citizens is not a job I take lightly, but it is one I am eager to begin. It is an honor to serve House District 46, and I vow to fight for my constituents – and Oklahomans across this great state – on a daily basis. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

You can find his contact information on his official government page.

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Senator John Sparks (D) Senate District #16

Senator Sparks is in his third and final term as Oklahoma State Senator representing District 16. Sen. Sparks' district covers much of Norman proper (bounded on the north by Robinson) east to 84th, Noble, Slaughterville, and Lexington.  The entire map can be found here.

Sen. Sparks' leadership propelled him to the position of Democratic Floor Leader and Vice Chair of the Senate Insurance Committee.  He serves on the following committees:  Appropriations, Energy, Finance, Insurance, Judiciary, and Rules. 

You can read his bio and find his contact information on his official government page.